Mark McPadden was born in Glasgow, Scotland in 1972. He graduated from Glasgow School of Art in 1994 with a BA honours degree in fine art drawing and painting. Directly after graduating, McPadden was a recipient of the Elisabeth Greenshields award.

In 1996, after moving to London, he was awarded third prize in the BP National Portrait Award, for the painting Il Papa. Brian Sewell wrote in the Evening Standard on the 8th 1996.

"The third prize has gone to a far more remarkable portrait. Mark McPadden, at, 23 offers the life size image of an old man seated on a dais, clad only in a shirt, tie and heavy undercoat, his feet bare; the pose suggests wisdom and quiet authority, yet, sympathetically, it has been subverted into an allegory of age, of crumbling flesh and senile mind, of vacant eyes that see nothing more real than the fragmented hauntings of long memory, reflected in the ghostly shadows on the wall. It is, perhaps, more picture than portrait for it tells of far weightier things than the naive charting of features that won £10,000 but the head is true enough as observed portraiture......... only with Mark McPadden does my choice correspond with that of the judges."

McPadden's keen interest of the techniques and working methods of the Old Masters led him the city of Florence, Italy, to study at the Florence Academy of Art in 1999. He lived in this city, famous for the birth of the Renaissance, until 2005.

Mark McPadden only works from life. He grinds his own paint and prepares all his own varnishes and mediums to traditional recipes His influences include Rembrandt, Rubens, Velasquez, Caravagio, Ribera and Tiziano.

The penultimate work is unquestionably Memorandium Mortis- the death mask of his father.

He has exhibited in group shows and his work is in numerous private collections in Britain. He currently lives and works in Budapest, Hungary.

Castle Toward Exhibition 1987 Bellahouston Park, Glasgow
Castle Toward Exhibition 1988 Bellahouston Park, Glasgow
Visual Arts Exhibition 1990 Wasinghton Street, Glasgow
Second Year Exhibition 1992 Mackintosh Museum, Glasgow
Summer Show (Group of 4 Artists) 1992 Mackintosh Museum, Glasgow
Arte Giovane Tra Est E Quest 1992 Pordenone, Italy (6 day residence with show lating one month)
Aberdeen Arts Society Exhibition 1993 Aberdeen Arts Gallery, Aberdeen
Big Paintings Exhibition 1993 Mackintosh Museum, Glasgow
Royal Scottish Academy 1994 Royal Scottish Academy, Edinburgh
Brill Buliding Exhibition 1994 Glasgow
Glasgow School of Art Annual Degree Show 1994 Renfrew Street, Glasgow
Grimley Eve Exhibiton 1994 Grimley Eve Buliding, Glasgow
Islington Art Fair 1997 London
Premier 2007 Duna Gallery, Budapest
New Realism 2007 The Scottish Gallery, Edinburgh
XX. Debreceni Országos Nyári Tárlat 2008 Hungary
55. Vásárhelyi Őszi Tárlat 2008 Hungary
Elizabeth Greenshields Scholarship 1994  
BP National Portrait Gallery Award Third Prize 1996  
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